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You Can Now Control Your School Bells
or Factory Break Bells 
Right From Any Computer!

"Super Easy To Use!"

Have a P.A. system? It can easily double as your bell system!

Already have bells, horns, buzzers or chimes? We can control them!

Eliminate that old, outdated or broken bell controller!

You can even automate your announcements!

Super Simple To Install

No System Now? We Can Help!

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Read what these folks have to
say about
Priority Time™ Software...

“We had to have the previous bell system repairman out quite a bit. Any change, any power outage, etc. required calling the company and having to wait a couple of days. Now, we can make a change whenever we need to ourselves. Having a choice on the bell sound has been an added bonus. Our principal has set different bell sounds for the different class changes of the day. The kids seem more alert to the different sounds.”

“This system is by far the best change we have made in our office.”

“It is so convenient to be able to make bell changes as we need them. Just a couple of weeks ago, our football team was advancing in the playoffs. We scheduled a last minute pep assembly and we were able to change the bells ourselves for that day.”

“I am thrilled [with Priority Time] and definitely recommend it.”

Kathy Bauer
Berrien Springs, MI


Perfect for Schools and Factories

Imagine being able to change your bell schedule in a matter of seconds.

Are break and lunch times being ignored? Keep your people on time!

Already have bells? You can easily control your existing bell system.

Stop agonizing over changing the bell schedule.

Have a P.A. system? With one simple cable you can have an instant bell system.

No bell system now? Not a problem. We can help you.

Guaranteed to be the "easiest to use" system of it's kind!

All you need is most any computer to make it work.
(Even an old one.)

How often would you change your bell schedule if it could be done in a matter of seconds?

  • If tomorrow's schedule is disrupted by a weather delay...wouldn't it be nice to change the bell schedule in a matter of seconds?
  • Never pay the repairman to make a bell schedule change again.
  • Eliminate expensive bell system repairs.
  • Be Creative! How about using a pre bell 5 minutes before class ends so the teacher no longer has to remind the kids to clean up because the bell is about to ring.
  • Make last minute bell schedule changes in seconds.
  • You can have different sounds, not just bells. You can make it fun! Instead of a  school bell sound today, try a foghorn or a  train whistle.

  • You can use any sound, even music.
  • You can be in two places at one time! Rehearse and then record your P.A. announcements now, and then play them back later automatically when you want. No one will know if you are there or not!
  • School delays are no longer a problem.

Priority Time™ Can Make It So Easy.......
Priority Computer Services, Inc. has designed a solution that makes changing your school bell schedule as easy as making a PA announcement.  With an ordinary computer, you can have complete control over your bell schedule.

You Can Try Priority Time Software Totally Risk Free!
 30 Day FREE Trial!

To begin your 30-day trial, click here > FULLY FUNCTIONAL FREE TRIAL. Our system will generate and send you an Email with a download link to click on. This link will take you back to our Web site where you can download the 30-day trial with one click of a button.

You can install this trial software on your computer and use it FREE. The installation takes literally seconds and once installed you’ll see a sample schedule and a couple of sample sounds. Feel free to modify the sample schedule or create your own schedule, import or record your own sounds, have a ball and play with it. We have not crippled any functions; what you see is what you’ll get.

Then, after you’ve made certain Priority Time™ is for you, you can purchase your licensed copy. And here’s the best part. If after your trial period you decide it’s not for you, uninstall the software. It’s that simple. No hard feelings, no hassles, no questions. You must be completely satisfied. I’m sure that once you have experienced the simplicity and flexibility of Priority Time™, you’ll discover the fantastic time and money savings you have previously overlooked.

Priority Time software comes in two different versions:

If you have a P.A. system
you need the "Audio Version".

2. If you already have some type of bells, horns or buzzers you need the "Serial Controller Version".

3. If you don't have any of the above: Just give "Big Ben" a call toll free at 866-661-9049 and he will help you decide if Priority Time is right for you.

Watch a Three Minute Video and
See How Easy Priority Time Is To Use!





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